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Training Product Update Vulnerability Management & why it matters – Feb 8, 2022


Vulnerability Management & why it matters

Vulnerabilities are weaknesses in an organization’s internal controls that cybercriminals can exploit to access sensitive corporate data or disrupt systems. Organizations must manage vulnerabilities because of increasing cyber-attacks. Organizations discover thousands of vulnerabilities every day, requiring them to prioritize by severity, patch applications, and reconfigure their network security settings.
On February 8 2022 , from 14pm to 15.30 PM JKT Time.

In this update, we will discuss:

  1. What can the sotware do ? Managing vulnerabilities helps organizations avoid unauthorized access, illicit credential usage, and data breaches. This ongoing process starts with vulnerability assessment tools. A vulnerability assessment identifies, classifies, and prioritizes flaws in an organization’s digital assets, network infrastructure, and technology systems. Assessments are typically recurring and rely on scanners to identify vulnerabilities. Vulnerability scanners look for security weaknesses in an organization’s network and systems. Vulnerability scanning can also identify issues such as system misconfigurations, improper file sharing, and outdated software.
  2. Current Market overview for Endpoint Security Endpoint security serves a critical step in securing endpoint devices such as desktops, laptops, & mobile devices among others, that act as point of access to any structured network. Such endpoints can be vulnerable to malicious attacks from hackers and viruses and can exploit at the expense of cybersecurity. Endpoint security has gained a greater importance over the years and has become a common part of individuals’ life those are associated with a computer or smartphone and smart devices. Endpoint Security Market Size & Share | Global Report 2026 (
  3. Opportunies for Partners With the growing demand for Endpoint Security, more and more enterprises area are looking how to secure their IT environment more precisely.
  4. Most important is Know how to do scheme licensing for IT Endpoint Security. Know how to sell this solution and create opportunies at your customers 5.
  5. Attendance Certificate for sales category in IT Endpoint Security.
  6. The date and time of the webinar changes according to existing regulations, please contact our team to make sure

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February 8 2022

14pm to 15.30 PM JKT Time.

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