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Monitor and manage your
business critical IT operations.

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Why do organizations need an IT operations management solution?

If IT is the heart of a business, then it is safe to say that IT operations is the backbone, for it determines the stability of the business. Be it network devices, servers, or applications, one incautious move can have an undesirable effect on your IT environment.

The high-stakes world of IT demands proper management of all infrastructure elements to stay ahead of the game. With that said, mere management would not suffice, for the real challenge lies in correlating performance data of IT operations across all business verticals. This is where an IT operations management tool comes into the picture.

IT operations management solutions from ManageEngine

Manage and optimize network, server, and application performance.

OpManager Plus

Unified network, server, and application


Network performance

NetFlow Analyzer

Bandwidth monitoring and
traffic analysis

Network Configuration Manager

Network change and configuration

Firewall Analyzer

Firewall rule, configuration,
and log management


IP address and switch port management

Monitor, manage, and troubleshoot application performance.

Applications Manager

Server and application performance


Full-stack monitoring for IT admins, DevOps, and SREs

Get instant alerts for critical incidents and provide real-time status updates.


Centralized IT alert

Site24x7 StatusIQ

Status pages for real-time status and incident communication

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