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 Rest API Sequence Monitoring 

APIs are an inherent part of all modern applications. These applications are highly dependent on numerous REST API calls to retrieve data and perform actions. It is crucial to monitor the performance of APIs as failed API calls can affect the entire workflow of an application. Since most business applications have complex workflows (involving a mix of HTML and API calls), it is essential to employ a proactive monitoring tool that can not only monitor single API endpoints but also a sequence of APIs at once.

 Test the availability of multiple APIs in a single session 

The availability of mobile and web business applications depend on efficient communication facilitated by various REST APIs. The workflow of these applications involves multiple API calls – bonded and linked as a sequence. With Applications Manager’s REST API sequence monitor, you can monitor a sequence of APIs in a single session.

Since the sequence of APIs are called and executed in a single session, authentication cookies and other cookie data is also carried forward all through the session.The entire sequence of APIs can be monitored at a polling interval of 15 mins, enabling you to verify their availability in real time.

You can also track the Average Response Time and Transaction Time of the entire sequence of APIs. This can help you analyze the responsiveness of the application.

 The  Response Forwarding” advantage 

Most often, application availability relies on a consecutive sequence of API calls which may require Response Forwarding. That is, the response received from one API may be a crucial input for the subsequent API call and so on. The failure of any API call in the sequence may trigger a chain reaction that could interrupt the successful execution of subsequent API calls.

Applications Manager’s API Sequence monitor supports Response Forwarding thereby helping you identify application performance bottlenecks with ease.

 HAR file import support to enable eas y setup

With Applications Manager’s API Sequence Monitor, you can add all the REST APIs you want to monitor individually or by importing a HAR (HTTP Archive) File. Once you import the HAR file, you will be able to see all the REST API calls that occurred during the transaction along with their respective request parameters allowing you to choose the APIs you want to monitor. You can even adjust the order of operations and rearrange the transaction steps up and down to suit your needs. A single REST API Sequence Monitor in Applications Manager can track and execute 25 REST API transactions in a single session.

 Get insights about individual API response details 

Become aware of the response times of individual APIs in the sequence. Response time of a REST API includes various other component metrics such as DNS Time, Connection Time, First Byte Time, and Download Time. Monitoring these metrics can help identify various problems such as busy servers, overwhelming requests, and network issues.

You can also take a look at the actual response received for each API and perform content checks to analyze the status of the APIs. Configure alarms for Health attribute to get notified when the API becomes unavailable.

 Proactive alerts and exhaustive reports 

Use Applications Manager’s REST API Sequence monitor to configure alarms for performance metrics, identify issues and troubleshoot them quickly. Get real-time notifications through email or SMS. View historical trends of metrics and analyze how well your APIs have been performing over a specific period.

Monitor the performance of APIs easily with the help of our comprehensive API Sequence monitoring tool. Start your 30-day, free trial now!

 Frequently Asked Questions about REST API Sequence Monitor 

What is the difference between REST API monitor and REST API Sequence monitor?

The REST API monitor in Applications Manager can only monitor a single REST API endpoint, however, the REST API Sequence monitor can monitor up to 25 REST APIs in a single session.

Is each REST API in a sequence counted as a single monitor?

No. The REST API Sequence monitor is licensed like any other monitor in Applications manager. So, the number of REST APIs you have added in the monitor does not affect the monitor count.

How many REST APIs are allowed in a single REST API Sequence Monitor?

You can add up to 25 REST APIs in a single REST API Sequence monitor.

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