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ManageEngine ITSM Newsletter May 2022

The state of ITSM two years into the pandemic
Wondering how the pandemic has affected ITSM? We’ve got the answers. ManageEngine surveyed 437 IT professionals to create a comprehensive report on the state of ITSM.
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The secret sauce to detect insider threats
Combating insider threats requires significant effort to constantly ensure that they are not hiding around the corner. Here’s what can empower you to do it effortlessly.
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[E-book] Explore the intricacies of SIEM solutions in this e-book
Are you a cybersecurity professional trying to get the most out of your SIEM solution? Then this e-book is for you.
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Achieve compliance with our PII checklist
Comply with the GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, and other regulatory requirements with the help of our comprehensive PII checklist created to assist in sensitive data discovery and classification.
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Ensure compliance and fortify your cybersecurity with MFA
To employ Zero Trust, purchase cyber insurance, and ensure regulatory compliance with a variety of mandates, you need MFA. Learn how enabling MFA can bolster your cybersecurity.
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[E-book] Cyberattack survival guide 2022
Learn how to implement the 10 CISA-recommended Microsoft 365 security settings that help keep cyberattacks at bay.
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Manage applications running on a Kubernetes cluster
Monitor the cluster health, nodes, pods, and other components in your Kubernetes environment. Track your deployments and the communication between your distributed applications.
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