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ManageEngine IAM & IT Security Newsletter 102

Secure RDP and VPN endpoints from ransomware
Palo Alto estimates that 50% of ransomware attacks in recent years were caused by RDP and VPN vulnerabilities. Discover key strategies to protect RDP and VPN endpoints.

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CASB – Do you really need one?

Today, the cybersecurity landscape is as complex as it gets, with varied categories of tools solving different security problems. So, where does a CASB fit in your security posture?

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Full visibility into changes to AD groups is just a few clicks away

Active Directory groups control access to resources across your domain, so it’s vital to audit any changes made to groups. Learn how you can stay on top of all changes to groups with ADAudit Plus.

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Guard your Microsoft 365 services against NOBELIUM

Threat actors like NOBELIUM are making it increasingly hard to keep your Microsoft 365 environment safe. It is critical to know the steps one can take to defend against such hackers and their cyberattacks.

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Harvard Medical School changes its auditing game using AD360

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